The acquired experience in waste management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills has allowed Frisoli s.r.l. to devise a patent, which enables, with an unconventional retaining structure for waste, to recover large amounts of volume from reaching full capacity or exhausted landfills. Such technique permits not only the maximization of available landfill areas but also great financial benefits and cost efficient advantages.

Typical vertical expansions involve using a large amount of terrigenous material, with obvious economic disadvantages, not only due to their cost, but also to the subtracted space that could be filled with waste. Generally, when landfills reach their full capacity, it is normal procedure to stop waste disposal and to close such landfills with the capping system. However, our patented technique allows continuing waste disposal into landfills after reaching their maximum capacity, constructing retaining structures for waste.  In addition, it provides the required capping system during the works.

Patented landfill retaining structures are constituted by waste and the required capping system. In particular, the retaining structure is characterized by the following:

– a foundation layer;

– several retaining layers arranged one on top of the other above the foundation and reinforced with specifically dimensioned components (geo-nets);

– a capping system respecting the 1999/31/CE European regulation (or different, depends on the case).

The most innovative characteristic of these embankments is its incline with respect to the ground level. Rather than the usual slope angle offered by typical slopes in landfills, “Dump refuse containment structure®” offers the possibility to reach 70° slope angle permitting to recover large amounts of volume and to optimize available landfill areas. The great advantage resulting from the slope increase, awards Frisoli’s patented technique originality and uniqueness. Moreover, this technique can be considered as a day-to-day methodology in which the company’s technical team plays a fundamental role. This method is always applicable, being in many cases the only alternative for reactivating, even if partially, exhausted landfills. Such flexibility is especially important when operating in landfills containing bales.

The advantages of our patented technique are:


The patented technique allows to extend the landfill lifespan and to postpone by several years the opening of new landfills.


This technique allows to build above the ground level with great economic advantages and much more fast procedures. Building above the ground level reduces also possible contaminations arising from the landfill (groundwater or aquifers and soil contaminations).


The steepness of the walls and the capping system provided by the structures during the works, reduce the production of leachate from landfills. Leachate treatment is a very expensive process, required by law and fundamental for environmental preservation.


The vertical expansion permits the optimization of available landfill areas with the possibility to reduce the landfill perimeter. The recovered areas can be reclaimed in order to minimize environmental impacts. In case of a dumpsite, the technique could be used to reclaim the area and convert it into a sanitary landfill.


The possibility to extend the life of a landfill, the optimization of the spaces and the capping system integrated into the structures, among others, guarantee an important costs reduction.


Since the technique is patent protected, public administrations can award contracts to Frisoli s.r.l. without public call for tenders.