We have executed and filed a patent named “Refuse Dump Containment Structure”, an european patent.

This patent permit us to work nationally and abroad, offering our know-how developed over the years, benefitting from the privileges provided by European and Italian patent regulations.

MANFREDONIA4The patent Refuse Dump Containment Structure has been filed in several european countries such as:

Our most important assets, which are offered to our clients, are our know-how and our patents elaborated to solve landfills saturation problems through the execution of reinforced embankments constituted by M.S.W.

We offer these types of services to public and private companies offering, due to our European patents, contract assignment possibilities without the need for call for tenders. We also enable lower financial advances thanks to progressive financing systems.

Our company prides itself on the innovative technique used to execute landfill embankments.

Our patented landfill retaining structure is constituted by 90% of waste already part of the landfill. However, the remaining 10%, constituted by clay and other terrigenous materials, is used for the arrangement of an external closing set meeting the 1999/31/CE european regulation requirements.

Currently, in regular landfills, once the landfill’s working face reaches its full capacity, it is normal procedure to continue to deposit the waste, constructing retaining structures for the waste accumulating above the ground level. These usual retaining structures are usually executed as embankments constituted by terrigenous and/or granular materials and are approximately 15m large.

This typical solution involves using a large amount of terrigenous material, with obvious economic disadvantages, not only due to the cost of materials, but also to the subtracted space that could be filled with waste.

Our company is very active in the research and development of new technologies , which is led by our technical staff formed by highly qualified professionals.

This research and development work has allowed us to create innovative techniques, which led to our European patent: ”Refuse Dump Containment Structure”. Thanks to this know-how we have performed completely innovative and turnkey works and environmental services.

Our landfill retaining structure is characterized by the folllowing:

  • a foundation layer
  • several retaining layers arranged one on top of the other above the foundation and reinforced with specifically dimensioned components.
  • an external closing set composed by vegetal soil, clay and 2 draining membranes, one for rainwater and one for biogas, respecting the 1999/31/CE european regulation. Said surface wall can reach a 70° slope angle.

The advantages of our patented technique are:


Unlike usual projects that require significant upfront financing, our described technique requires the work progress allong with the waste embankment, therefore offering financial strenght to cover eventual cost overruns.


Our method is always applicable, being in many cases the only alternative for reactivating, even if partially, exhausted landfills. This sort of flexibility is especially important when operating in landfills containing “bales”.


Our operation is extremely competitive and one of a kind due to the financial amortizations associated with the volumetric increase and the reduced management and closing costs.


The embankments’ start above ground is concurrent to the authorization procedures.


The external surface wall of the structure’s embankments is constituted by a layered closing set, which respects the 1999/31/CE European regulation.


Since our technique is patented in several European union countries, it is possible to award public contracts without public call for tenders.