Our strengths


We have innovated the definition of landfill with our passion and our European patent.
This patent permit us to solve landfills saturation problems through the execution of reinforced embankments in order to recover volumes guaranteeing not only the maximization of available landfill areas but also great financial benefits. Our goal is to optimize the landfill management with the purpose of increasing the landfill lifespan.


We are recognized and qualified to perform public works in the SOA category (italian certification board for public works) and registered at the “Albo Nazionale dei gestori Ambientali”.


Thanks to important and highly qualified partners, we have participated in numerous environmental and waste management European projects.

Executed works

Deliceto Landfill

Foggia Landfill

Manfredonia Landfill

About us

For many years, we have been working in the environmental field offering our services nationally and abroad. In particular we engage in:
– Volumetric recover of active, reaching full capacity or exhausted landfills;
– Uncontrolled landfill securing;
– Environmental protection and reclamation;
– Landfill construction and management for treated or less municipal solid waste (MSW);
– Planning and construction services;

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