For the past two decades, the “Frisoli S.r.l.” has been making decisions and taking action in the interest of protecting the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the environmental capability to support a sustainable human development and guaranteeing high security and quality standards.

The company has realized long ago that as urbanization continues to take place, the management of solid waste is becoming a major public health and environmental concern in urban areas of many countries. The lack of research and development activities in developing countries leads to the selection of inappropriate technology in terms of the local climatic and physical conditions, financial and human resource capabilities, and social or cultural acceptability.

Therefore our technical team is engaged in the continuous research and development of innovative techniques, leading among other achievements to the development of “Frisoli S.r.l.”’s patented landfill retaining structures.

All our methods aim to the realization of turnkey projects and to greater financial benefits.

Among our main activities, inspired by the continuous work of research and development, it could be pointed out:

Environmental reclamation and landfill management along with volumetric recover of exhausted and/or reaching full capacity landfills.

Landfill management ( 1. collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste; 2. control, monitoring and regulation of the production, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste; 3. final covering.)

Management of leachate collected from waste facilities

Studies on treatment and disposal of collected leachate

MSW shredding

Sieving of treated waste

Baling of treated and sieved waste materials (waste bales).

Landfill Mining with treatment and sieving

Enhancement of recovered materials