Frisoli s.r.l. is an Italian company specialised in waste management solutions helping communities and organizations to achieve their environmental goals.

Over the past decades, Frisoli s.r.l. has been making decisions and taking action in the interest of protecting the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the environmental capability to support a sustainable human development and guaranteeing high quality standards. The company has realized long ago that as urbanization continues to take place, the management of solid waste is becoming a major public health and environmental concern in urban areas of many countries.

The company is specialised in maximizing landfill capacity by vertical expansion through the execution of a patented technique, “Refuse Dump Containment Structure®”, which solves landfills saturation problem with reinforced embankments constituted by waste, with a 70° slope angle.

The company counts on its technical team offering professional support services allowing to attain innovative techniques and to plan turnkey projects.

The company also relies on different partnerships with important research institutes, such as “Università degli studi di Bari “A. Moro””, “Università degli studi della Basilicata di Potenza” and the “C.N.R. (Centro Nazionale di Ricerca) di Bari”.

Landfill vertical expansion

Maximize landfill capacity by vertical expansion. A unique solution for landfill saturation problems.

From open dump to sanitary landfill

Upgrading a crude dump site into a sanitary landfill is a very challenging task. Frisoli offers technical solutions and improvement measures to be taken in the open dump to make it controlled and sanitary by technical guidelines and construction techniques.

Innovative solutions

The company is constantly concentrated in the research and development of innovative techniques for the optimization of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill management with the purpose of increasing the landfill lifespan and solve landfills saturation problems.


The acquired experience in waste management of MSW landfills has allowed Frisoli s.r.l. to devise a patent, which enables, with an unconventional retaining structure to recover large amounts of volume guaranteeing not only the maximization of available landfill areas but also great financial benefits.

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