The “Frisoli S.r.l.” is South-East Italy’s leading provider of integrated waste solutions helping communities and organizations to achieve their environmental goals.

The company works with groundbreaking techniques in order to pursue the growing necessity of minimizing environmental impacts and inadequate use of natural resources, offering a wide variety of operations:

  • Volumetric recover of active or exhausted landfills;
  • Uncontrolled landfill securing;
  • Treatment, processing and recovering of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste);
  • Management, monitoring and exploiting of leachate collected from waste facilities;
  • Environmental reclamation;
  • Waste to energy processing.

The company counts on its technical team offering professional support, which permits to attain innovative techniques and to plan turnkey projects.

The company also relies on different partnerships with research centers, such as “Università degli studi di Bari “A. Moro””, “Università degli studi della Basilicata di Potenza” and the “C.N.R. (Centro Nazionale di Ricerca) di Bari”.

Landfill is a resource

The company’s motto is “Landfill is a fundamental resource to protect”

Optimal utilization of landfills

The company aims for an optimal exploitation of volume in active, reaching full capacity or exhausted landfills.

Research of innovative solutions

The company is engaged in the continuous research and development of innovative techniques for the optimization of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill management with the purpose of increasing the landfill lifespan and its securing.


The acquired experience in waste management of MSW landfills has allowed our company to devise a patent, which enables, with an unconventional retaining structure to recover large amounts of solid waste guaranteeing not only the maximization of available landfill areas but also great financial benefits.

Company Kit

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